NEACAS containers sailing/shipping dates Septembre through December 2016

  • Septembre


    Labor Day!

    NEACAS containers sailing/shipping date: 14 September 2016

  • Octobre



    NEACAS containers sailing/shipping dates: 5 Octobre 2016 And 26 Octobre 2016

  • Novembre


    Thanks Giving!

    NEACAS containers sailing/shipping dates: 16 November 2016 And 30 November 2016

  • Decembre


    Merry Christmas

    NEACAS containers sailing/shipping dates: 15 December 2016 And 29 December 2016

  • More Date


To be different and make a difference.


To help families in the US help their loved ones in Haiti by providing them with fast and “Peace of Mind” type of shipping services.


To create for workers a friendly, well equipped, safe, relax, empowering, rewarding working environment where fairness and respect reign.


To make profit in order to extend and improve our services, reward partners and workers and provide support to grassroots farmers groups and environmental organizations in Haiti.


We value integrity, respect to customers and excellence..

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You will receive 2 vouchers of $50.00 when you reach 1000 points. (Only one voucher can be used at the time).


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